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House Rewire in Erdington


We understand the significance of quality wiring for homes, commercial spaces, and open-venues alike. At Techfix Electric Limited you will find electricians who excel in house rewire in Erdington and surrounding areas. We promise a range of rewiring, repair, and installation services that are meant to ensure that each fixture on your property is work at full efficiency and the maximum capacity of operation.

An electrical installation condition report (EICR) is a requirement by law for homes and commercial spaces. You can trust electricians at Techfix Electric Limited to perform all forms of electrical testing’s and inspections. Frequent and up-to-date electrical inspection in Edgbaston is crucial to the safe operation of all electrical installations on any given property. These prove highly useful in regular maintenance and upgrades that are necessary to prevent the need for invasive processes such as re-wiring sooner than the standard rewiring time. Residential, commercial, and industrial properties are required to get re-wiring done every 25 years.

Why Re-wire?

Our experts who deliver house rewire in Erdington or commercial rewires focus on improving the existing wire systems of your building. As safety and operation standards improve with each passing year, you are required by law to get a rewire every 25 years to keep up with existing protocols. However, if your current installations fall short during our inspection and testing procedure, we will work on improving current systems especially for material alterations and fuse box upgrades. Our electricians ensure that each upgrade and rewire is done according to Part 2 of the building regulations (2010).

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