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Electrical Inspection in Edgbaston

Electrical inspection in Edgbaston is our forte. As a certified operation, our crew is qualified to complete inspection and testing protocols on your commercial and residential properties.

An electrical installation condition report (EICR) is a requirement by law for homes and commercial spaces. You can trust electricians at Techfix Electric Limited to perform all forms of electrical testing’s and inspections. Frequent and up-to-date electrical inspection in Edgbaston is crucial to the safe operation of all electrical installations on any given property. These prove highly useful in regular maintenance and upgrades that are necessary to prevent the need for invasive processes such as re-wiring sooner than the standard rewiring time. Residential, commercial, and industrial properties are required to get re-wiring done every 25 years.

Routine Inspections

Electrical installations-major or minor should be inspected by professional electricians at regular intervals. You are required by law to get certified inspections a few years apart (depending on the nature of the property). Formal inspections are a necessity but with our crew, you can keep all electrical fixtures in shape to get certified without a hitch.

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