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Emergency Electrician in Erdington

An emergency electrician in Erdington from our team is fully qualified to complete emergency lighting installation and repair on your domestic or commercial property.

Our entire team is well versed in the British standard for lighting designs (BS 5266-1:2011). This applies to residential units, hotels, restaurants, clubs, offices, shops, malls, multi-story places of business, schools, colleges, and other such spaces. These standards pose as the minimum levels of quality that need to be met. Our emergency electrician in Erdington will use these standards to customize the right security lighting system for your premises.

Whether it is for schools or open-areas that are larger than 60m² with no natural lighting, our team is more than equipped to install proper security lighting on your property.

Testing and Maintenance

Like all electrical installations, emergency lighting needs to be tested and upgraded after a designated time. Our emergency electrician in Erdington will customize the maintenance schedule for your property in compliance with the regulations and ensure that all fixtures are working at full capacity at all times.

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